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Factors Affecting Student Achievement

Factors Affecting Student Achievement
In the discussion section, the author tried to describe the factors that can affect student achievement. The factors that the authors mean is as follows:

a. Internal factors
Internal factors are factors that come within the individuals themselves. The internal factors consist of:
1) Bodily Factor
Physical factors are among the factors that may affect the achievement of learning which factors are related to physical or condition of the student body. Therefore, when the condition dependent student body will affect learning outcomes. By him, the physical must be kept in tip top condition.
2) Psychological Factors
Eksteren factor is one of the internal factors that can affect student achievement, these psychological factors with regard to the psychological condition of the students.
External factor is a factor that comes from outside individuals who can influence learning achievement.

Slameto (1987), suggests that there are three parts to external factors, which can affect learning achievement in the family, school and community.
Achievement of learning achieved by someone the student is the result of the interaction of various factors that originate from within the students as well as the factors that come from outside the student. One of the factors of the student is learning interest.

Interests can encourage someone students to learn well. Students who have a high interest in learning which will generate high academic achievement as well. Where students demonstrate their sense of fun and willing to learn through without any influence from anyone. Because they do it based on the pure and sincere intentions.

From the above it can be concluded that a person interested in learning can be seen in the activities of learning, a sense of fun, it can be seen from the frequency of learning.
Interest relationship with student achievement can be described as follows:
Factors Affecting Student Achievement

Students who are interested in the subject will feel happy and attentive in learning, he would voluntarily active in participating in the learning process. Students are thus of course will master the subject matter so well that academic achievement will increase as well.

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